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Free for all Spa guests, the workshops are a great opportunity to try out a different activity between two spa treatments, either in the morning or in the afternoon: yoga, Qi Gong, visit of the Carnac menhirs, aquagym, nutrition lectures, beach walking, cooking workshops, beauticians...

Exclusive to guests staying at the hotel or the residence, the 1 hour workshops are organised every day of the week, all year long. Exclusive to Carnac Thalasso & Spa Resort !

Informations : 02 97 52 53 54


Yoga (meaning "to join " or "to yoke") originates from the Indian philosophy of āstika. It has become a discipline aimed at harmonising the whole human body in its physical, psychological and spiritual aspects through meditation and body exercises.

Qi Gong

The Qi Gong is a form of traditional Chinese gymnastics as well as a breathing science, based on the knowledge and control of life energy, associating slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation. The terms literally means “exercise (gong) relating to the qi”, or “control of life energy”.


Soft or tonic, the aquagym classes are offered every day by our swimming instructors. It is an excellent way of combining relaxation and the pleasure of being in a swimming pool with the benefits of a sporting activity.
Once immersed into water, the body only weighs a third of its weight on land which facilitates all movements.


Each week, Gilles Dreux our dietician, organises sessions to exchange ideas and for him to offer some sound advice. The aim is to help you return to a healthy food balance which is the guarantee of optimal health. After asking you a few questions, he will be able to determine your profile and give you some personalised advice. As a group, the participants can also share their experience in a friendly atmosphere.


Our chef Dominique Mauge, well known for his refined and original cuisine, will let you into his secrets during a cooking workshop in the Thalasso kitchen itself!


How to look after your skin, makeover advice, organic make up, manicures… Learn beautician secrets thanks to these workshops all about beauty organised each week by our Beauty Spa team.

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